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Transcend: Travail Online (Book 3)

Coral is hungry. She’s hungry for players to rise up and demand fair treatment from Travail Online. She’s also just hungry, but affording food is tough when Travail’s economy is collapsing.

In fact, the whole game is collapsing. The terrain is crumbling, strange mobs are turning innocent people into mutated beasts, and the CEO behind Travail Online keeps taking servers offline – despite the millions of players that still rely on the game for income.

Coral wants to rally players and overthrow the CEO, but there’s a catch. He employs her parents. In an offshore facility. And he won’t guarantee their safety unless Coral plays nice. Has she picked a boss fight she just can’t win?

Meanwhile, Daniel struggles with his mother’s gambling addiction, Sybil fights to keep Farah safe from Jack, and Sal keeps eating things he probably shouldn’t, all while preparing for their inevitable battle with the elf queen at the helm of the game’s most torturous content.

Ogres, drow, spiders, dwarves, elves, orcs, minotaurs, and a dragon with a dubious motivation. It’s all in a day’s work in Travail, where hard play makes fun work.

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