I dance at weddings, I play a lot of video games, and I drink all of the coffee. Really. All of it.

I’ve also found my calling: writing science fiction. More to the point, I write LitRPG.

So what is that? LitRPG is a science fiction / fantasy blend where characters spend most of their time in a virtual reality or video game world. It’s geeky fun, and I love it. Characters that level up in-game and unlock kickass skills? I’m so there.

“But, Brian,” you say, “you must have done something before LitRPG.”

Righto. I’ve waited tables, served up morning lattes, taught health topics professionally, managed a civil rights non-profit organization, and represented clients in white collar criminal investigations.

Sometimes those jobs were awesome. LitRPG is always awesome. But you know that, don’t you? You have read LitRPG before, right?

“Well…” you say.

Well nothing. Stop what you’re doing and pick up a book already. Maybe it’s one of my books (I hope so!) or maybe it’s one of the other amazingly fun LitRPG books out there (like the ones I recommend below). Read it. You’ll thank me.

Then send me a note and let me know what you read so I can recommend what to read next. And next. And next. Because trust me, you’re about to get addicted.