Ripcord Online: Book 1

After a week with the implant, Ripcord Online had translated all of my memories, hopes, and dreams — all of me — into binary code. I was ready for the uplink. There was just one thing I had to do first.
I had to die.

Wow great story. Very heavy story emotional wise. Glad to see this more serious litrpg story. Can’t wait for more.
– Amazon Customer


Soulkeeper: Travail Online Book 1

A corrupt server, a murderous NPC, and an impossible quest: Save the game. At all costs.

Top notch litrpg. Definitely will read the sequel. Seamstress is a fun class…. Loved it.
– Amazon Customer

Resurrection: Travail Online Book 2

Coral, Daniel, and their friends have their heads in the game. But what happens when the game gets in their heads?

Five Stars. I enjoyed the heck out of this story.
– Amazon Customer

Transcend: Travail Online Book 3

Coral is hungry. She’s hungry for players to rise up and demand fair treatment from Travail Online. She’s also just hungry, but affording food is tough when Travail’s economy is collapsing.

Great story, A+++ Would read again.
– Amazon Customer